anuPROPORTIONAL RELATIONSHIP3. Consider the circles shown, Circle A has a diameter of 6 centimetersdiameter 25% greater than Circle A.is a diameter of 6 centimeters. Circle B has a6 cmDetermine the circumference for Circle B. Use 3.14 for T.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Circumference of Circle B=19.625cmStep-by-step explanation:The circumference formula is: 2pie(r) = pie(d)We have diameter of the first circle which is 6. Now, because the diameter of second circle is 25% greater than this, Hence, we add 25% in 6:6+25/100 =6+0.25=6.25 cmTherefore, we have diameter of 6.25 for circle B.Now, we need to find the circumference of the Circle A.circumference= pie(d) = pie(6)= 3.14times6= 18.84 Now use the proportional reasoning to find Circumference of Circle B:circumference of Circle A/diameter Circle A = circumference of Circle B/diameter Circle B18.84/6=circumference of Circle B/6.25Cross multiply and divide:(18.84times6.25)/6 = Circumference of Circle BSolve:Circumference of Circle B=19.625cmHope this helps!Mark brainliest if you think i helped! Would really appreciate!